Dsmoov | CEO of Cloudboy Ent.

Dsmoov was born and raised in the trenches of Newark, NJ. Coming from a tough city you only get a few choices. From a young kid he found a talent and fell in love with fine arts. Growing up, Dsmoov listened to various hip hop artists a few of his favorites includes Tupac, Biggie and Jay-z. The environment and influences around him drove him to turn his talent for fine arts into a love for music. Dsmoov found a way to express himself through a unique hip hop sound.  Not the type to follow trends Dsmoov makes a lane all of his own.  He may have come from a gritty city but he has also traveled the world. That gives him to go more in depth in his creativity. Dsmoov has something new with music, you don’t want to be last hearing!



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